February 2015


Volkswagen Up! – a top tiddler!

The sub-£10,000 car market tends to be dominated by less well-known brands such as Dacia, so the presence of Volkswagen’s Up! in this sector, with a starting price of £8,675 is intriguing. We were therefore…

Range Rover Evoque

A much-needed new engine for the Evoque

They do say that the pen is mightier than the sword, and certainly car manufacturers do fear the written word of the motoring writers who pass judgement on their products. Remember the way in which…

David Brown Speedback

David meets Goliath AKA Aston Martin

Enthusiasts of exotic machinery may remember that in March last year David Brown Automotive gave the world’s press a sneak preview of their forthcoming impressive Speedback GT. This is a V8-powered sports coupe aimed, with a…