Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Powershift

Ford Fiesta
the ever, and deservedly, popular Fiesta.                                        Photo: Ford

the ever, and deservedly, popular Fiesta.                                                                                             Photo: Ford

Traditional thinking is that a 1 litre engine is just too small to be matched to an automatic transmission effectively, so we were very interested to try out this recently introduced combination at a recent SMMT Test Day at Millbrook. The Fiesta platform itself needs no introduction, having deservedly received high praise from almost everywhere, and we found the 1 litre 3-cylinder engine plus Powershift transmission combination made for a car which was incredibly easy to thread around the tight Millbrook simulated city route, with plenty of acceleration being available and seamless gearshifting. So encouraging was this that we then ventured out onto the high-speed bowl, fully expecting to find the car became noisy and thrashy under high-speed conditions. Again, it far exceeded expectations, having adequate acceleration to enter the high speed bowl – akin to joining a very fast-flowing motorway – and cruising quietly and smoothly at well over the legal limit.

Altogether this was an excellent little package, at prices from £15,195 on the road, and is well recommended.


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